Fresh news from online gambling world

Jamaica prepares to gambling legalization, Romania plans on gambling ads prohibition and Philippines plan on paid entrance for casino visitors. These and some other pieces of news in out today’s review.

Jamaica is close to gambling legalization

As Jamaican press reports, local authorities plan on accepting a new law on gambling legalization in the country. It is expected that the law will be accepted by the most votes.

According to unofficial information, Jamaica’s minister of finances Audley Shaw have already given the decree to its ministry to begin the process of regulating the legalization of gambling.

It is reported that Audley Shaw has already concluded negotiations with some big investors who are interested in gambling legalization in this Caribbean country. According to Audley Shaw’s words, two big international companies supplied the ministry of finances their program on Jamaican gambling business development.

The authorities of Jamaica suppose that gambling legalization will become an important step towards fighting with illegal gambling and will bring big funds to the budget of the state from taxes and licensed gambling operators. At the same time it is worth noting, that online casinos – a good alternative to land-based casinos.

Philippines plan on making paid entrance for casino visitors

As Philippines mass media report, lawmakers are planning on making a law about entrance fee for entering gambling facilities of the country.

As parliament workers suppose, this decision will help to prevent the repetition of such tragic incidents that happened in Manila recently.

We’ll remind you that last week the gambler came to the casino with a gun and started shooting at staff members and visitors, set the fire, in result of which tens of people died.

As Philippines authorities suppose, paid entrance to the casino will be stopping factor for those players who have difficult financial situation. It also planned that half of the money received on entrance fee will be for charity.

Romania plans on gambling ads prohibition on TV

Authorities of Romanian parliament are about to accept the law according to which gambling ads will be prohibited on local TV.

It is reported that the document waits for approval of Senate and in case the decision will be positive, it will immediately come in force

This situation worries the owners of gambling operators, who will be deprived of the big marketplace of attracting the new clients. Currently there are no details about the law, but according to unofficial information, there is probability of prohibition of advertising online products even on web sites of betting operators.

It is still unknown whether the ads prohibition is obligatory for all the gambling companies operating on the territory of Romania or the restrictions will touch only local betting operators.

Kenya Parliament accepted the law of increasing taxes for bookmakers

Kenya parliament approve the law for the new tax stake for the gambling companies of 35% of their income which was brought it on the initiative of the head of the country, Uhuru Kenyatta.

There is no official data on the number of votes of deputy who took the vote for the new size of the taxes, but local mass media write that the financial committee of House of Representatives of Kenya parliament approved the new tax system.

Now bookmakers will have to pay single income tax of 35%. In addition to that, bookmakers of Kenya will also deal with 30% corporate tax for total profit. The number of companies that will chose to stay in Kenya and operate after the taxes will be increased is unknown but bookmakers claimed that this system of taxes might kill the industry.